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Coffee Company Combats Poverty

A Rwandan genocide survivor is bringing his country's most marketable crop to the forefront of the coffee industry. Hear how his business lets American consumers help those in need overseas.

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American Tycoon Appointed Rwandan Politico


A Chicago-based millionaire stock trader will step in as CEO of the Rwanda Development Board, a position accountable only to national President Paul Kagame. Rwandans react to the unconventional choice.


A Bite-Sized Media Future

bite sized

A devastating report accuses U.N. peacekeepers as well as aid workers of engaging in the sexual abuse of children in disaster areas and war zones.

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In Search of a Test-Tube Hamburger


PETA is offering $1 million to the first person who can bring in vitro meat to the market. But scientists say, don't hold your breath.

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Piracy Sparks High-Tech Defenses


As the frequency of piracy on the high seas grows, many ship owners aren't willing to wait for the navy to help them out.

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